Our Services


Our dedication and commitment make us the first choice in our industry. We pride ourselves as a company that deliver the best and suitable visual for your need with outstanding concept and an attention to detail from pre-production until the final video production approval stamp from our satisfied client.


Electronic news gathering is made simpler with the team PLR Productions has for any of your assignment. We will provide a team of veterans in the news gathering industry to work on site or for studio interview. We also provide our service for editing and FTP support in case you need some work to be done on the video right after the gathering and need it to be send anywhere on the globe for broadcasting.


Businesses need an attractive and efficient way to present their brand to their potential consumer, a way to look appealing while at the same time presenting your offers, values and how you would like to be seen. Here at PLR Production, we help you design the right look for the key message that your company will deliver so your corporate video will translate your business vision and appeal to the public.


PLR Production is a Documentary award winning video production company with years of experience in the field. A good documentary is achieved when storytelling meets passion and commitment, and we excel in bringing the best script to help you communicate that “one thing” that you find important so the viewer can identify themselves and carry something with them after the screening. We work hand to hand with you until the project reach the intended consumer.


The public see businesses like sophisticated multifaceted corporate and most of the time do not understand their vision. At PLR Production, we breakdown that barrier by understanding the core of your business and by building an eye-catchy layout so the consumer can be entertained while learning about the different aspect of your company. Explainer videos are a must for a new consumer plan or for a way to get the public to fully understand new concept within your company.


We provide aerial photography to enhance your creative content and to produce professional results. From real estate photography to architectural mapping, our attention of details and our years of experience will be the best call to take your project to an international level.


Engaging with new members of your companies on their roles and their duties can be money and time consuming. PLR Productions will put a scenario together to help ensure that every aspect of the company is covered and that the employees understands perfectly what the employers are asking from them. From new machine equipments to complex daily procedures, we ensure that the message is communicate efficiently so the trainers can play a more technical and practical part in the training process.


On average, the general population spends over four and a half hours a day in front of the tube, watching TV or streaming on the internet. This makes visual communication one of the most common modern leisure activities. Therefore commercials are one of the most efficient ways to sell a product. At PLR Productions we can facilitate the production from on set production through to post-production.


We aim to provide highly skilled professional crew. Our crew is trained and dedicated to do a variety of filming from high end productions to ENG news gathering charity event coverage. If you’re in need of a video camera crew in South Africa, contact us.


Music videos are an entry point in the industry of entertainment. The brand that is the artist need a well details and powerful visual so the public can easily find themselves drawn in the lyrics and the musical composition. PLR Productions excel in finding the perfect harmony between the music and the picture so the presentation of the art to the public is done with a flawless momentum for a great impact for additional forms of revenue.